May 15th, 2012
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Celebrating A Young Ghanaian– Programmer/Entrepreneur

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Written by: Ewatch
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Raindolf withJon "Maddog" Hall the Executive Director of Linux International

EWATCH Magazine Celebrates Raindolf Owusu

Featured Young – IT Innovator/Entrepreneur of the Month – MAY, 2012

Raindolf Owusu a 21 year old second year student of Methodist University College Ghana, studying
Information Technology. Who runs a software development company called Oasis WebSoft alongside.  He has successfully built a web browser and yet to deploy Africa’s first operating system .
In March this year, He was awarded as a Guido Sohne Fellow by the Free and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) in Abuja,Nigeria.  He also runs an online school teaching web designing and programming.   He believes that African developers should develop relevant web, software and mobile applications that solve real life African problems. Currently working on a lot of softwares to be deployed soon including the Full version of Anansi Web Browser.

Interview with Raindolf

  1.      How did you get started, discovered your talent?
    In November last year DreamOval Ltd. and Google Ghana organised Ashesi first ever Code Fair held at the Ashesi University College Campus, Berekuso and was aimed at challenging and exposing the programming skills of computer science students in tertiary institutions. I was a participant with two other friends from my university Methodist University College Ghana. Although we did win the Top Coders of the day, I was inspired by the softwares other students were able to build prior to the event. Almost a month after the event I re-launched my website and rolled out most of my softwares I was working on to the general public using social channels like Facebook and twitter.
  2.      What is your source of motivation for all that you are doing?
    First of all I look up to God almighty to direct my ways. God is my motivation and also my mother. My mother is very supportive in all the things I do. She does not restrict me creatively and in her career she has tried so many new ventures that work out. I also use the same model; I try so many technologies and teach myself so many new trends in the web and software space.
  3.      Your advice to other young developers and aspirants?
    Ask God to direct your ways, be humble and do not restrict yourself creatively. Learn new technologies and always fail harder. Finally do not hide in your room for months to build robust software, launch your product early in other to get the feedback you need to perfect your product. The best is yet to come.

These are news articles about me from Kenya,Ghana and Nigeria, for further reading.  i ii iii iv

Raindolf with Jon "Maddog" Hall the Executive Director of Linux International

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